Today in Boston by Ethan Underhill: 4/18/1775 — The Ride 🐎 .

Listen up, kid, and get me a beeh 🍻
It’s time for the story of Paul Reveeh —
Today in Boston, in Seventy-Five,
He took off on his famed horse-powered drive 🐎
To warn the folks that the Redcoats were heeh 🚨

Now, the poem is swell, and fun for the youth, 📝
But ‘tis my job as millennial town crier 🗣
To note that it took liberties with the truth 🤔
In hopes that it would ignite and inspire 🔥
When Longfellow wrote it in Eighteen-Sixty,
The nation’s future was shrouded in mystery; 🔎
With America divided over slavery 🔒,
And North finding South most unsavory,
Hank used Revere’s ride as a call for bravery. 💪

But the issue that night was a Regular raid
That the pats had actually expected for days.
Boston was swamped in British Occupation 🇬🇧
Redcoats were hunting for bombs and rations.
And hearing of Concord and a large stockpile,
General Gage thought we was using his guile
By sending 700 dudes up north to get hostile.
He’d be foiled by the guys who dumped all that tea ☕️;
You know who I’m talkin’ bout: the Sons of Liberty 🇺🇸

Here’s where Wadsworth steered you wrong:
We’re used to picturing one man on a horse,
But Paul tapped thirty riders for the course
And had them camp on a Charlestown perch.
When it was time, he’d shine for the throng 🕯
One lantern by land; two if by a sea force 🌊;
All from the tower of the Old North Church. ⛪️

So through the night rode agents of Revere, ⌚️
Down to Connecticut, up to New Hampshire
To warn of the raid that was pending for damn sure. 😳
Only then did Paul himself hit the first frontier,
Not for Concord, but over to Lexington town 
To warn Hancock and Adams of the goings-down 💥
There, he met Prescott and William Dawes, 👥
Who kept on after Paul fell into Redcoat claws.
Our man was questioned but ultimately freed
As the patriot militia in Lexington did appeeh
Thanks to many riders, their faithful steeds,
And the systematic leadership of Paul Reveeh 🐎

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